Surveying client needs

Most companies will regularly canvass their clients views on proposals for new products. They will also obtain feedback on their existing services. This approach makes perfect business sense and defining and testing your target market is now a regulatory requirement from the FSA.

Structured Investment Solutions can enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your clients needs through surveys. Together with our associates we have experience of conducting and commissioning client surveys. Knowing how a solution works and understanding the range of solutions in the market can make a big difference to the quality of the results.

Surveys can be employed to:

  • Determine target markets for services
  • Test demand and understanding of new solutions
  • Obtain feedback on the performance and delivery of existing solutions
  • Identify cross selling opportunities
  • Build stronger relationships with your clients

If you give us a list of clients, they can be surveyed by telephone, e-mail or face-to-face. Structured Investment Solutions will help to frame the questions, conduct the survey and analyse the results. We can also provide expertise to assist with market surveys beyond your client base.

For more information on surveys please contact us on +447876231829 or


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