Structured product use set to grow in 2012

Research carried out by Money Management and due to be published in the June edition, showed that advisers expect clients to put more money in structured investments products in the next 12 months.

FT Adviser reported that almost a third of respondents said they don’t intend to use the products over the coming year. However, they may have to re-think that approach when RDR comes into effect in January 2013 if they wish to remain “independent”.

There have been a number of conferences and seminars organised to educate advisers on structured investments over the last twelve months. That hard work appear tso be paying dividends as the paper quoted 79% of IFAs as thinking knowledge has improved in that priod.

However, if there is a still a lot of education to do to ensure advisers and their clients are aware of the features, benefits and risks of structured investments in the run up to RDR.





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