Meeting client needs

Structured investments have the flexibility to meet a wide range of investment goals, the key is to find the right solution for the right client!

Meeting client needs requires an understanding of their objectives and designing solutions to address them. At the same time, educating the sales force to give them the knowledge and confidence to explain features, risks and benefits. Thereby ensuring solutions are understood by and appropriate for clients.

The FSA requires firms to identify target markets and design products to match the demands of those clients. Whilst, maintaining standards in marketing materials, making compliant sales and monitoring the progress of solutions through to maturity. This makes good business sense and firms are doing alot already. However, there may be much to do ahead of the next FSA review.

Structured Investment Solutions can assist with:

  • Client surveys to understand target clients appetites for risks, rewards and different solutions
  • Client reviews of marketing materials to ensure they are readily understood
  • Client feedback on the design and delivery (post-sale) of solutions
  • Training sales people to understand and communicate solutions
  • Educating clients and advisers to enable them to determine whether a solution is appropriate
  • Developing marketing materials that are compliant and client friendly