Developing innovative solutions

Over the last ten years, structured investments have evolved to meet the needs of end clients and their advisers. There has been a lot of innovation and the impetus for this to continue remains. This does not necessarily mean more complexity, in fact, innovation can bring about simpler solutions for clients.

At the same time the pressure on costs is limiting the investment that can be made into innovation and the FSA is requiring that new product development processes and governance be enhanced.

Structured Investment Solutions will work with existing people, platforms, products, processes, propositions and placement power  to deliver longe-term benefits for clients. Thereby, growing revenues whilst managing costs and risks.

For example, enabling asset managers to offer protected funds without increasing headcount. Or treasuries to deliver structured deposits using legacy banking systems.

Structured Investment Solutions can assist with:

  • Developing innovative new solutions and services
  • Enhancing existing solutions and services
  • Ensuring product approval processes and governance are robust
  • Educating key stakeholders to enable them to oversee innovation and reduce key person risk
  • Covering options, swaps, deposits, notes, warrants, funds and platforms
  • Linked to equity, currency, interest rate, fund, commodity and property markets