Delivering business plans and projects

The last few years have been challenging for the investment community. Yet, businesses need to plan for the long-term. The key to growth in a risk sensitive environment is evolution not revolution!

Evolution means growing at a pace that meets clients changing needs and is consistent with an organisations values. New plans and new projects can be deliverd in these cost conscious times through the use of interim management and expertise.

In their guidance on Retail Product Development and Governance,  the FSA  found that a number of firms “lacked a clear strategic purpose” or “were unable to articulate a coherent strategy”. Firms will want to review and may refine their existing business plans and processes.

Structured Investment Solutions can assist with:

  • Preparing business plans for the next three-five years, to enable colleagues and other key stakeholders to focus upon target markets
  • Leveraging the capabilities of any internal providers e.g. investment banks, asset managers and distributors e.g. wealth managers
  • Reviewing the client proposition to ensure structured investments fit in a way that everyone understands and meet the needs of clients
  • Projects to deliver new investment solutions or re-design existing services
  • Projects to manage major regulatory or operational changes