Alternative resourcing

In an ever changing world, there is an increasing need for flexibility. Alternative resourcing means that financial services companies can access consultants who are trained to meet a range of short term needs in a flexible and cost efficient manner. Thereby bridging gaps to enable businesses to continue to grow.

A typical assignment can last from a month to a year and involve putting a dedicated team to resolve issues that clients do not have the time or capacity to deal with.

Structured Investment Solutions is able to assist with

  • Addressing a specific short term need such as product development, training or contacting end clients
  • Managing short-term resourcing gaps caused by staff taking time away from the business
  • Dealing with regulatory change brought about by new regulations such as Dodd-Frank, RDR or FATCA
  • Gathering, evaluating and reporting data to address operational issues
  • Communicating with customers to gather additional data for compliance or commercial purposes